Thursday, June 2, 2011

Drugstore Love (:

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. I was lost in the sea of food and sun lol (:
I didn't do anything too crazy BUT I did stop by Sephora (for the first time) and joined their membership club :D yay!  It was soo much make-up ! It was great and fun and I wanted to buy everything ! tehe but I settled on just buying some Urban Decay eye primer. woot! its soo great. It spreads easier than my MK eye primer and it makes the colors pop more and last longer. I swear I was shocked when I wiped my eye and nothing came off lol My usual routine of just washing my makeup off with my cleanser may not work anymore. Any makeup remover suggestions? 
I also love the M.U.F.E. sample that came with my order. I've never tried them before and it was such a pretty purple (: I can't wait to swatch it and try it out, maybe tomorrow ;) 

Today I was using my Wet N Wild Palette "Blue had me at hello", 
and this is an AWESOME palette. <3 I seriously could live off of just this one for a while . 
I used my Urban Decay Primer and the lovely eyelid color (: 

My camera memory card is being weird so I have to empty and reformat it so these pix are taken on my cell camera, the close up eye isnt as accurate as the other further away (prolly cause i took them at different times). I will work on gettin some swatches on these colors so you can appreciate cause i dont think these pix do it justice. 

Do you guys have a fav drugstore palette? 
Im a lil broke for Indie or High End brands so drugstore and me are about to get a whole lot closer (:

the full face (er well half face) is a little bit after application and the close up is just before bed 

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  1. OMG! I fell inlove with the palate :D