Monday, May 30, 2011

Rockeresque Beauty Co. Review

 Rockeresque Beauty Co. Review 

I found this company from glitter bomb and i love them <3
They are a new all vegan company with a lot to offer. 
my first sample order with a handwritten thank you (:

my second order from their 24 hour sale

 Their Description: 

  Rockeresque Beauty Company (RBC) focuses on providing the best vegan cosmetics. RBC offers a complete palette of gorgeous colors to choose from so that you can achieve any look. These range from primary hues with a punch, to luscious and intense dark shades. RBC is happy to, not only offer quality and cruelty free products, but also cosmetic education about what you are wearing on that pretty face of yours.

"Vegan with an Edge"

 I love the cute jars, the nicely pigmented mineral eyeshadows, and their AMAZING customer service! Every order comes with a free sample and a very cute business card and i've gotten a really cute button both orders too. 

I also joined their membership club (WHICH IS FREE !) 
my membership package
The membership came with a business card, a membership card, a letter giving a description of the program, and a free sample. (: I think the membership card is too cute !  The program works that for every 100 pts (1 point per $1 spent) earned you get a special milestone RBC product and you get a monthly newsletter about what they've been up to and whats coming up. Awesome, right? 

Now, TIME for SWATCHES (: 
1-hollywood, 2-chicklet, 3-toxicity, 4-schoolyard crush, 5-peppermint gummy bear, 6-little lamb, 7-XOXO, 8-platinum blonde, 9-ursula, 10-pudding pop, 11-gingerbread cookie, 12-lower east side, 13-heavy metal, 14-dead as night,

the next 3 aren't in the store yet, 
they are releasing all colors colors slowly but their samples will come mixed with some. 
15-locket, 16-broken teeth, 17-Goblin 
over MK primer
You can see (even with my crappy pix) that they are gorgeous colors ! 
 These ladies have worked long and hard and have developed quality products for us 
check them our and their FB page too ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

TWO FACED: MakeUp Fun Time (:

So this week I've been waking up with a swollen eye so I haven't really been wearing makeup so I don't irritate it ):  
I'm going to the doctor  as soon as I can but Memorial Day weekend is making it hard! >.< so hopefully it's gone soon :D 
I still wanted to play with some of my new stuff so I kidnapped my 15 year old sister and did her makeup lol

Thus Two Faced was born. 
i need to work on me picture edit skills haha
 I thought this was soo funny and cool. She looked soo different on both sides. The left side is a cute purple school look and the right is a brighter mall/dinner look. I used shadows from the E.L.F. Beauty Book : Bright Eye Edition which I picked up at Big Lots for $4.50 (reg. $5, yay $0.50). 12 eyeshadows PLUS an eyeliner for 5 bucks is awesome, i really like some E.L.F. stuff I've seen around and have heard decent reviews on it. It's no MAC but its pretty awesome for a beginner like me to build her collection with (: It was used for the left eye, the palette had a few cute purples for me to work with and she loved this one best. I also used a Wet N' Wild Palette called "blue had me at hello" :3 i think I will use this one quite often, its where I got the teal and white from on the right eye. IMO, this one came out better because it was a little more bold and face nicely. (we were a lil scrubby looking so i dont have one of her whole face lol but NEXT TIME I WILL MAKE HER :D) Which one do you like better?

I have been looking at A LOT of different indie make-up lately so I kind of forgot I had these drugstore items brand new lol For drugstore, they are super pigmented! I promise swatches soon (a hectic week for me) Do you use any drugstore products? Which ones? I WANNA KNOW ! ;)

much amor-hermys

S.N. things have settled down now and I will be posting more frequently now <3 yay

Monday, May 23, 2011

FOTD: Spring Lunch Date

Today I decided that I'm going to remember to take a picture of my makeup everyday to watch myself progress lol Its a little simple right now but its fun (: I'm indulging in my new colors. I ordered a bit from Rockeresque Beauty Co. but am not doing a review on my haul until it all comes in ( i couldn't help myself and ordered again a few days ago ) My FOTD for yesterday was this cuteness :3

MK foundation primer
MK Medium Coverage Foundation [Beige 302] 
MK Mineral Powder [Beige 1] 

MK Brow Definer [Brunette] 

MK eye primer
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Chicklet
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Little Lamb
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Platinum Blonde
Rimmel London [161 Black]
MK Ultimate Mascara

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick [070 Soft Nude]

I felt like this was a fresh springy look for a chill day with my boyfriend. I apologize for the crap pictures I take. I promise I will work on better pictures soon lol After looking over the pictures I've been taking the last couple days, I am thinking I need a different eye primer because I've seen others put on the same products with similar skin tones and their eyes seemed to pop more than mine did \: or maybe I just need to apply a tad bit more lol Well popping or not, I loved this look. I got quite a few compliments while I was out and that totally made me cheese it all day. I love it! (:  

So you know, I have a lot of MK products right now because my sister sells it and I went to her first for help with my curiosity for makeup and came out with $250 in product lol It was pretty fun but I'm not so crazy about some stuff so I'm thinking I may try some new things soon. I really love my foundation though. I feel like I have perfect skin! tehehe and that is FAR from the truth.  

Well I hope you enjoyed my first FOTD! If you have any suggestions for eye primer I would LOVE to hear them because I NEED to change this up asap ;) 

my spring date look (:

Much Amor - Hermys <3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Obsession In My Life

I have recently become OBSESSED with make-up 

Before a month ago, all I owned was a black eye liner pencil that i occasionaly used on the waterline. I've never really had much interest in it until I downloaded an app of the Verizon Android Market called "Makeup Tutorials" and it didn't take much for me to be hooked. Next thing I know I'm calling my Mary Kay Consultant sister to come over and sell me something pretty. ;) I buy some basic foundation and a few pretty colors to start me off. My skills in makeup are very limited and I learned mostly everything from tutorials. I've bought about $300 in makeup in the last month. There is no turning back for me now (: 

I've been reading and watching and on a lot and finally decided to put in my two cents so say  hello to my makeup blog <3 It'll mostly be to post what I've learned, my FOTD, and some reviews of things I've come across. A LOT of it will be beginner level for now because I AM A BEGINNER lol Let's be clear on this. I'm learning quickly tho!

I do want to start this off by saying that I wear makeup because it's fun for me. I get all cute and I love the random compliments too ( tehehe ) I am confident in my apperance with and without makeup.

i am far from perfect but imperfection is beauty
 Just a quick photo of a sleepy hermy at work lol 
I'm doing this blog for fun and to keep track of my makeup journey XD  

Now a little about my taste in Makeup as of right now... I really love bright colorful makeup. I wear some dark stuff but since i'm not too great with it yet (heh) it looks kind of like i have a black eye D: I dont seem to have this problem with pink, teal, white, yellow, etc. So bright it is for now. I've splurged a bit this last week on some indie company colors and bought some more good ol' drugstore stuff. I'm a cheap ass person, I will not lie lol I LOVE a good deal and drugstore makeup (mostly) is right in my price range so until I get some more flow that is what a majority of my cosmetics will be :P   

I am excited to blog and with time, ima beast this ish ;)