Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm ALIVE!?! and I'm WINNING!?!

yes yes, i've been gone for forever and a day and IM SO SORRY ! D: things have gotten a bit hectic for me but they're settling down now (: so more blogging most deff my pretty people <3 
todays topic? winning giveaways lol at 3 am when i cant sleep, i enter giveaways :P you never know what you'll win and i've won some pretty cool stuff. I'd like to thank the wonderful Gina Marie from Makeup Gets Me High for making me feel like its christmas in july lol <3 MGMH BLOG AND  MGMH FANPAGE 


these are a majority of the prizes i've won with her 1000+ follower giveaway. so i figured i'd take this opportunity for a breakdown lol 

i recieved Bubble -blue eye safe glitter($3.50) and Roller Rink Pink -lip/face color($6.00) 
the roller rink pink is what's on my lips in the pictures and i love it so much <3 i am a sucker for pretty pink lips and im so happy to have it. the bubble is such a pretty blue, great addition to any eye look <3 check her out ApocalipstickCosmetics FaceBook  

she sent me this big pretty bow and its soo cute :3 i love the little stones she put on it <3 i wore it around all day and everyone loved it! all her jewelry is so different and gorgeous. here is her La-Plume-Noir Facebook fanpage. 

FrizzyLizy Jewelry 
so this beautiful ring, this beautiful ring lol i love it! and she sent me matching earrings and its just soo cute :3 soooooooo pretty <3 i had heard about her before this giveaway and was super excited to recieve this. check her out FrizzyLizy Jewelry  

Addie LaDawn 
before this i had ordered from her before and recieved a one of a kind pair of feather earrings, she has fast shipping and they came in perfect condition <3 she sent the lovely white flower ring, the black flower studs, and the beautiful locket necklace <3 omg. lol the flower ring is adjustable and is just so pretty on my hand lol i've been looking at her flower studs since my last order so i was more than happy to recieve these :3 and the locket, im speechless. its so beautiful and it stands out, which i LOVE <3 Addie-LaDawn FaceBook you deff wanna check her page out.  

Sigma Makeup Official Fan Page 
i recieved a travel brush set and yay! :D its so awesome, oh so awesome. <3 the brushes are so soft and apply my makeup so lovely <3 im not sure if any of you have tried there brushes but OMG! they pretty much have replaced all my other brushes lol i love them <3 the sigma fanpage (:  

RocKin Teez 
she made me an awesome shredded shirt <3 i was havin trouble takin a back pix while by myself lol but i will upload one on my facebook page soon. this shirt is beyond adorable. the sleaves, the off the shouldness, the poor lil popsicle lol RocKin TeeZ she works with all sizes ladies so go check out her page ! 

Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty 
I was super happy to recieve FIVE bath bombs, i repeat FIVE, and a perfume stick in cotton candy <3 everything smells amazing ladies. the perfume stick lasted from when i got the package, because you know i rubbed it on as soon as i opened it lol, til bedtime (: awesome. I am totally takin a nice relaxing bath this weekend to enjoy a bath bomb <3 right now she is having a sale of 5 pigments for $20, which is incredible! so check her out Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty FaceBook 

Beautify With Mark 
i was wearing it in the pictures so i didnt take a picture of the bottle but I recieved a Mark Get a Tint tube from her and its pretty freakin awesome. its not very heavy and it was nice to skip the face primer step lol lotion and color in one, sounds good to me :D this is my summer replacement for my usual foundation lol she is so nice so check out Beautify with Mark 

okay, that was a mouthful lol <3 im such a happy chick right now! im already stalking each page gettin ready for an order lol :D well i already do that anyways lol :P thanks for checkin out these lovely ladies and checkin out my blog! lol i know you're still in shock that im actually on but i promise itll be more often, i am in process of trying to organize my makeup so any suggestions of how to? lol 4 months ago i didnt even own anything except eyeliner and now i have so much its taken over all the counter space i have lmao lemme know and i already hit 50+ fans on my fanpage!? yay! (and thats with me going M.I.A.) i've decided that im going to start planning maybe a fan giveaway because that's just more than I ever really expected lol <3 so yay! lots of things going on and coming soon to my blog and fanpage <3 posted some new pix on my page of this and am in progress of uploadin some new looks (: i just hate tryin to edit stuff lol it really takes forever! DX but ima try. <3 ttyl

much amor-hermys

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