Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lucious lips thanks to high voltage cosmetics

I love mail lol and I stalk the mailman everyday since I get packages so often ! lol He's even been asking weird questions about them, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a drug dealer lmao But recently in the mail I got a package from High Voltage Cosmetics ! (: I had ordered 2 lip candies from a sale she had a while back and they finally came, yay! This was my first order with this company and I can say it was a good one. I did order during a sale so shipping was super fast but considering how many orders she got within a few hours, it wasn't so bad. I ordered 2 lip candies, Gagalicious and Fire Woman <3 

Site Description of Lip Candy 
 Lip Candies are packed with colour and punch! Lip Candies are a highly pigmented lipstick that is hydrating. Stays put, glides on effortlessly and is long lasting! Lip Candies come in an array of colours and finishes! New colours are always added so check back often! Each Lip Candy comes to you black slim lime tube with 0.07 product. This formula is vegan and comes scented with a light peppermint scent. 

Caranuba Wax,Candellia Wax,Microcrystalline Wax,Castor Oil,Vitamin E,Mica,Tin Oxide,Maganese Violet,Yellow #5,Blue #1,Red 40,Oxides,Titanium Dioxide,Grapseed Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Sunflower Oil,Peppermint oil,vanilla bean extract. 

and now some pictures ;)

gagalicious and fire woman

i seriously fell in love with these <3 and im pretty sure i need more now lol i got these on sale because she changed the packaging into traditional lipstick tubes so little pots like this aren't what you would get anymore. I'm happy for the lipstick tubes though, I don't own a lip brush so I had to improvise a bit ;P they both feel like she described though. i had no problem applying evenly and they didn't dry out my lips or make me feel like i had layers of goop on. 

 Now Gagalicious is a very pretty pale pink with a little lavender and it's different than any lipstick i've ever tried before so I felt a little weird using it at first but it grew on me and I think it may be my favorite out of the two. 
Its different, bold, and loved by me <3 
happy lips (:
so freakin pretty <3
the other is fire woman which is a kind of a pretty pinkish red, i love it because it gives my lips a little oompf to make them just the right amount of sexy. It's a great everyday shade for me. I see myself wearing it a lot to work 
mujer de fuego
Aren't they pretty?! (: I'm pretty satisfied with my order and am already planning my next one. I just checked her site and TAT is about 10 days right now, which isn't to bad. She has pretty affordable prices too. The lip candy are only $6.50 each and come with a decent amount. I'm thinking I may try "Monroe" and "Crazy For You" next. She does offer sample sizes in her lip candy for $1.75 as well.  I've heard great things about this company and I'm glad I finally have gotten a chance to check her out. Hope you liked my mini review of my new pretty things <3 I really love indie makeup companies and am always open to new things I find from them. 

Do you buy indie as well or are you strictly a store bought kind of gal? lemme know (:  

much amor-hermys <3


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  2. Fire Woman is exactly the kind of shade I like. Gagalicious reminds me of MAC's Viva Glam Gaga2 (which I returned.)

    I love Indie makeup but I feel that I get more consistent quality and treatment from store bought places. I also worry about another Lime Crime disaster.

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  4. its funny you should say that eden, considering how much controversy has risen over this company recently. i feel a good indie company that has a solid reputation can be trusted with repeat business

  5. Herme-this look hot and only $6 each..nice! girl, the mail man gonna report you. lol hahah