Monday, May 23, 2011

FOTD: Spring Lunch Date

Today I decided that I'm going to remember to take a picture of my makeup everyday to watch myself progress lol Its a little simple right now but its fun (: I'm indulging in my new colors. I ordered a bit from Rockeresque Beauty Co. but am not doing a review on my haul until it all comes in ( i couldn't help myself and ordered again a few days ago ) My FOTD for yesterday was this cuteness :3

MK foundation primer
MK Medium Coverage Foundation [Beige 302] 
MK Mineral Powder [Beige 1] 

MK Brow Definer [Brunette] 

MK eye primer
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Chicklet
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Little Lamb
Rockeresque Beauty Co. Platinum Blonde
Rimmel London [161 Black]
MK Ultimate Mascara

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick [070 Soft Nude]

I felt like this was a fresh springy look for a chill day with my boyfriend. I apologize for the crap pictures I take. I promise I will work on better pictures soon lol After looking over the pictures I've been taking the last couple days, I am thinking I need a different eye primer because I've seen others put on the same products with similar skin tones and their eyes seemed to pop more than mine did \: or maybe I just need to apply a tad bit more lol Well popping or not, I loved this look. I got quite a few compliments while I was out and that totally made me cheese it all day. I love it! (:  

So you know, I have a lot of MK products right now because my sister sells it and I went to her first for help with my curiosity for makeup and came out with $250 in product lol It was pretty fun but I'm not so crazy about some stuff so I'm thinking I may try some new things soon. I really love my foundation though. I feel like I have perfect skin! tehehe and that is FAR from the truth.  

Well I hope you enjoyed my first FOTD! If you have any suggestions for eye primer I would LOVE to hear them because I NEED to change this up asap ;) 

my spring date look (:

Much Amor - Hermys <3