Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Obsession In My Life

I have recently become OBSESSED with make-up 

Before a month ago, all I owned was a black eye liner pencil that i occasionaly used on the waterline. I've never really had much interest in it until I downloaded an app of the Verizon Android Market called "Makeup Tutorials" and it didn't take much for me to be hooked. Next thing I know I'm calling my Mary Kay Consultant sister to come over and sell me something pretty. ;) I buy some basic foundation and a few pretty colors to start me off. My skills in makeup are very limited and I learned mostly everything from tutorials. I've bought about $300 in makeup in the last month. There is no turning back for me now (: 

I've been reading and watching and on a lot and finally decided to put in my two cents so say  hello to my makeup blog <3 It'll mostly be to post what I've learned, my FOTD, and some reviews of things I've come across. A LOT of it will be beginner level for now because I AM A BEGINNER lol Let's be clear on this. I'm learning quickly tho!

I do want to start this off by saying that I wear makeup because it's fun for me. I get all cute and I love the random compliments too ( tehehe ) I am confident in my apperance with and without makeup.

i am far from perfect but imperfection is beauty
 Just a quick photo of a sleepy hermy at work lol 
I'm doing this blog for fun and to keep track of my makeup journey XD  

Now a little about my taste in Makeup as of right now... I really love bright colorful makeup. I wear some dark stuff but since i'm not too great with it yet (heh) it looks kind of like i have a black eye D: I dont seem to have this problem with pink, teal, white, yellow, etc. So bright it is for now. I've splurged a bit this last week on some indie company colors and bought some more good ol' drugstore stuff. I'm a cheap ass person, I will not lie lol I LOVE a good deal and drugstore makeup (mostly) is right in my price range so until I get some more flow that is what a majority of my cosmetics will be :P   

I am excited to blog and with time, ima beast this ish ;)

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  1. Welcome to blogger and the wonderful world of makeup! I'm also a beginner with doing a beauty blog but maybe we can learn from each other. =) Specktra has helped spark my newfound love for makeup. (I saw your blog link on the forums).