Saturday, May 28, 2011

TWO FACED: MakeUp Fun Time (:

So this week I've been waking up with a swollen eye so I haven't really been wearing makeup so I don't irritate it ):  
I'm going to the doctor  as soon as I can but Memorial Day weekend is making it hard! >.< so hopefully it's gone soon :D 
I still wanted to play with some of my new stuff so I kidnapped my 15 year old sister and did her makeup lol

Thus Two Faced was born. 
i need to work on me picture edit skills haha
 I thought this was soo funny and cool. She looked soo different on both sides. The left side is a cute purple school look and the right is a brighter mall/dinner look. I used shadows from the E.L.F. Beauty Book : Bright Eye Edition which I picked up at Big Lots for $4.50 (reg. $5, yay $0.50). 12 eyeshadows PLUS an eyeliner for 5 bucks is awesome, i really like some E.L.F. stuff I've seen around and have heard decent reviews on it. It's no MAC but its pretty awesome for a beginner like me to build her collection with (: It was used for the left eye, the palette had a few cute purples for me to work with and she loved this one best. I also used a Wet N' Wild Palette called "blue had me at hello" :3 i think I will use this one quite often, its where I got the teal and white from on the right eye. IMO, this one came out better because it was a little more bold and face nicely. (we were a lil scrubby looking so i dont have one of her whole face lol but NEXT TIME I WILL MAKE HER :D) Which one do you like better?

I have been looking at A LOT of different indie make-up lately so I kind of forgot I had these drugstore items brand new lol For drugstore, they are super pigmented! I promise swatches soon (a hectic week for me) Do you use any drugstore products? Which ones? I WANNA KNOW ! ;)

much amor-hermys

S.N. things have settled down now and I will be posting more frequently now <3 yay


  1. Pretty! As for drugstore products does ELF count? If so I have their 100 palette and LOVE it! =)